1. juni 2018

The National Committee on Health Research Ethics

Here you can get further information about The National Committee on Health Research Ethics

Under the Committee Act, it is the responsibility of the committee system on health research ethics to ensure that from a research ethical point of view, health research projects are carried out in a responsible manner, and that the rights, safety and wellbeing of trial subjects participating in such biomedical research projects are protected, while at the same time possibilities are being created for the development of new, valuable knowledge.

The National Committee consists of 13 members appointed by the minister for health and prevention.

Members of The National Committee for Health Research Ethics

The special tasks of the National Committee on Health Research Ethics include:

  • coordination of activities in the regional committees,
  • laying down guidelines,
  • giving opinions on issues of a fundamental nature, if this is not related to the approval of a concrete research project,
  • acting as a board of appeal in connection with findings in the regional committees,
  • monitoring the development of research within the health sector and promote the understanding of the ethical problems resulting from the development in relation to the health services and the biomedical research environments; and
  • considering whether the National Committee on Health Research Ethics is to make recommendations to the Minister for the Interior and Health. These provisions deal with specific, new fields of research.

Moreover, the National Committee provides consultative statements on biomedical research projects planned by Danish researchers for implementation in developing countries.

The Danish National Committee on Health Research Ethics publishes each year an annual report in Danish.

The committee can establish subcommittees. Furthermore the committee has established some standing committees with other authorities and organisations.

The committee has founded The honorary prize of biomedical research ethics.